CovCare: First Medical Company To Accept Dogecoin.

Covcare is a Medical Supplies leader who continues to turn heads by accepting the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin for their online PPE sales.

Source: GlobeNewsWire

CovCare is making headlines as the upstart medical supplies company announced today that they will be accepting Dogecoin as a form of cryptocurrency payment method.

"While Dogecoin is currently ranked as the No. 8th largest cryptocurrency, for a brand like CovCare who recently surpassed 100,000 orders placed, it’s as good as any other form of online payment as people jump at the chance to continue purchasing PPE as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on. "

Ever since Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, blew up Twitter by unapologetically putting his support behind Dogecoin; even calling it “the people’s crypto and the Currency of the Future”... The cryptocurrency surged up, Baffling even it's creator, Jackson palmer.

"Created in 2013 by programmers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, Dogecoin has become the main meme cryptocurrency to soar over the past few months during the era of the at-home retail investor amid the pandemic. As the Shiba Inu-themed digital coin surpassed 8 cents for the first time late last week, Dogecoin now has a market value of $10 billion."

Dogecoin has been stealing headlines and spreading like wildfire, so what better time for CovCare to jump on the trend by becoming the first Medical company to accept Dogecoin as a form of payment.

"Back in 2015, CovCare’s parent company, Wooter, was merely a year into their start-up infancy when they emerged as an early trendsetter by becoming the first sports apparel company to accept cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment form (ironically enough, Musk also helped Bitcoin hit an all-time high as Tesla invested $1.5 billion into the cryptocurrency). It was the right move at the right time for the Staten Island company that has become the one-stop-shop for sports teams, leagues, and organizations wanting to customize their entire sports experience -- from jerseys and uniforms, to league and team websites. While companies like Starbucks, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Expedia, and Whole Foods began accepting Bitcoin in 2019, Wooter and Wooter Apparel led the way once again in the sports apparel world by not only accepting Bitcoin as a payment form but by also offering customers a free $10 in Bitcoin for those who signed-up with digital currency exchange, Coinbase."

Now, CovCare is borrowing a page from Wooter when it comes to accepting a whole new level of cryptocurrency -- meme cryptocurrency.

"For CovCare, adopting Dogecoin as a payment method was not only about becoming one of the first companies to accept the cryptocurrency, but the medical supplies company also views the opportunity to once again radically change how the industry operates. Potential CovCare customers in need of face masks and other PPE now have a place where they can put their “useless” meme cryptocurrency to use for the greater good in protecting themselves from COVID-19. "

"That fact alone is pretty doggone fascinating."


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