Dogecoin Billboards Are Popping Up All Over The World.

Updated: Feb 10

The crazy frenzy around Dogecoin is spreading like wildfire. Billboards featuring the crypto have been going up all over the world, from Europe to NYC. A billboard advertising Dogecoin appeared on the popular Times Square street. It says DOGECOIN in huge letters, and in smaller letters it says, taking over the world. And this is not made in photoshop; you can actually go there and view it yourself.

This news has caused a rise in the price of DOGE. Not only because it's good news, but because of the actual exposure the crypto is getting with each passing day. Individuals and groups are raising money and putting up these billboards all over the world. Take a look below to see a few.

#Dogecoin Billboard. Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Dogecoin Billboards have reached Europe!!

Billboards live in Riverside, Illinois.

#Stockholm Public Transport - #SL uses #doge#meme on their billboards. I hope we can pay rides with #dogecoin soon.

Another Doge Billboard in Times Square NYC!

As a result of this constant exposure, dogecoin has be reaching new highs and have also been able to sustain it's run, instead of falling back. This is due to the fact that people are actually investing and believing in the future of the currency. So they are holding and buying.


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