Good News! Dogecoin dipped to 30 cents on DogeDay(Video)

Many probably saw today as a disappointment, but what if I told you dogecoin is still a success. We thought this video broke it down well; perspective is everything.

Many people also wondered why Elon Musk didn't tweet?

Well keep in mind Tesla just had an incident where one of their self-driving cars ended in a deadly accident. So it would be a bad Elon's brand/public relations to go hyping up dogecoin. but you can tell he wanted to. His first action on twitter was to like a post on the official dogecoin twitter page. As if to say, hey I haven't forgotten; I'm paying attention.

Note: I haven't posted in a while, due to some personal things, but I've been active on twitter and stock twits(it's a bit easier to post on the go). Anyway, I hope this post encourages you.


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