India's Largest Crypto Currency Exchange Is Adding Dogecoin! (CoinDCX)

Earlier today Elon Musk tweeted a meme of the dogecoin Shiba Inu dog, posing with a doge flag on the moon. Well, the world took notice!

India Responded

India's largest crypto currency exchange (CoinDCX) replied to Elon's tweet with some remarkable news(See below):

Elon's influence is being felt!

CoinDCX responded to Elon Musk's tweet with the same image but with the addition of the India's National flag and announced: "Who! We are listing Doge/INR pair on our platform soon!" #TryCrypto #Dogecoin #whoa*

Now, this is massive!

CoinDCX already has well over 1 Million active users on their platform. And they recently Launched a new User-Friendly App aimed at making it easy to buy and sell bitcoin and other top digital assets in a bid to capture 50 million new users. This is massive exposure and potentially a massive new userbase for dogecoin.

Elon's Impact

As big as this news is, it may just be the beginning of what's to come. Many more crypto exchanges and major companies may be inclined to pick up dogecoin. At the end of the day, they respect the idea of demand and supply, regardless of their personal feelings and dogecoin is definitely what the people are demanding.

Elon Musk has truly back up his words, by showing his full support to dogecoin. Well this is just the beginning; I feel Elon has much more up his sleeve. Even something that will take dogecoin to $1(The Moon).

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