Unraveling Elon Musk As The Owner Of The Biggest Dogecoin Wallet(3 Billion)?

Bitcoin.com recently reported that a billion-dollar DOGECOIN address has single handedly consumed over 27% of the entire supply since 2019. Who could this be?

If you got one shot, to think of one person, one whale, who owns or would even want to own 3 billion dogecoins and counting since 2019, who would come to mind?

Lets be honest; we all wouldn't think bill gates(who's caught up in a whirlwind of weird coronavirus conspiracies about him) and we darn sure know it's not Mark Cuban(based on his recent misguided tweets) and Mark Zuckerberg is probably busy worrying about getting his own Diem currency launched. So who could it be? They are many more billionaire's, but who would believe so much in dogecoin since 2019 or earlier to invest in billions of the crypto?

Let's start slow and then get into the meat of the matter. Be patient, don't be greedy.

Diamonds are not found on the surface. No treasure is.

My Theory

My theory is that it's none other than Elon Musk himself! And I won't simply go by surface level speculation; I'll dive a little deeper. Oh wait... darnitt I can't swim. Anyway, let's bypass my corny joke and get to the matter at hand.

You have the obvious "bitcoin bulls" saying it’s worrying that Musk is championing Dogecoin so much. They think people could lose money as a result (It's so sweet that these bitcoin billionaires care about you-who are they fooling?). Anyway, the truth is Elon musk is arguably one of the smartest humans on earth right now. Even using the word arguably feels absurd. He is.


So, why would someone so sound mentally and clearly bent on helping others thrive, do anything that would cause harm to people? Isn’t that contradictory? What if the truth has been staring us in the face all along?

  • That Elon Musk genuinely believes in the future of Dogecoin.

  • That as crazy as it sounds to many, he genuinely sees dogecoin's potential as becoming the top currency of the future?

  • And lastly, that he has already invested in Dogecoin? Not pennies... but billions of dogecoins and have more plans for the coin in the near future. Could he be giving people a chance to see the value in the coin before it takes off?

Musk said dogecoin was "made as a joke to make fun of cryptocurrencies" but noted "fate loves irony." He added: "Arguably the most entertaining outcome and the most ironic outcome would be dogecoin becomes the currency of earth in the future."

I believe this quote is not just telling where Elon Musk stands, but it also reveals the obvious: Dogecoin was originally created as a joke, and thus many will miss the opportunity, because they can't wrap their rational minds around it becoming, not just a serious currency, but the currency of the future? The top currency? That's absurd right? or maybe not.

Musk's latest tweet to date sorts of proves this unfortunate reality. He is telling us that dogecoin is the underdoge, that will become the Top Doge!

The Evidence (Lets do a little digging!)

Some of the evidence may seem like a stretch, but it's not really.

The owner of the worlds largest dogecoin wallet has been sending cryptic messages for years now. So to look into these messages is absolutely the sensible thing to do. It's obvious they want the world to know something. If something is hidden, and we are given a map...then what is our part? Exactly!

And let me add:

  • This in itself points subtly to Elon Musk. Think about it, which other billionaire would take the time(years) to constantly send cryptic messages with dogecoin?

  • Of-course, the same billionaire who is constantly tweeting about the crypto every other day(using both direct and cryptic tweets).

Cryptic Evidence One: Binary and beyond.

As previously mentioned, Bitcoin.com recently reported that a billion-dollar DOGECOIN address has single handedly consumed over 27% of the entire supply since 2019. This address received its first transaction on February 6. Shortly after, on April 2, Musk said: “dogecoin might be my favorite cryptocurrency”. "Since then, the dogecoin address has managed to garner around 36.8 billion DOGE worth $3 billion today." Many have began to speculate that the billion-dollar dogecoin address belongs to none other than, the Tesla founder.

The Reddit Discovery

On subreddits r/cryptomarkets and r/dogecoin, people have been trying to unlock the mysterious address once again. They have begun to notice that the individual behind the address has been sending odd transactions, some of which can be transcribed into binary code.

Some discovered that one set of transactions displayed Elon Musk’s birth date(June 28, 1971). Why? This Billionaire behind this address purchased exactly, 4.06281971 dogecoins.

"Others have found messages being sent to the large address as well, asking if the wallet belongs to Musk. There are also a few assumptions from speculators who believe the address may belong to the exchange Robinhood."

One redditor said: "It’s not gibberish, I’ve gone through some of it and already found this: ?NOLEUOYTISI

If you look closely, you'll see the name "ELON" spelt backwards! Is that a coincidence? I don't think so.

Breaking down the numbers and Tweets

Here's some information I found from on reddit:

  • A purchase of 69 Dogecoins happened at 2:17am on February 4, 2021. Elon’s first Doge tweet that day was at 2:35am.

  • Then a purchase of 420 Doge happened at 4:56am. Elon’s latest tweet about Doge occurred at 5:08am

It could be Elon buying. But here’s where it gets interesting:

  • They purchased 6.0111011 on February 1st. Binary 01110110 translates to the number 118, which means spiritual awakening. Elon tweeted on February 4, that this is the people’s coin.

The number 69 and 420- Are these tied to Elon Musk?

If Elon musk, a Multi-Billionaire intentionally choose to buy only/exactly 69 and 420 dogecoins.... then he would surely leave obvious evidence to connect the dots.

Let's Dig In!!!!

So, I went to the biggest archive of history: Google

I searched "Elon Musk 69" and you would be shocked what I found!!


Musk is decided to cut the starting price of the high-performance Tesla Model S sedan to $69,420. He tweeted, “The gauntlet has been thrown down! The prophecy will be fulfilled. Model S price changes to $69,420 tonight!” You think it was a coincidence that a billionaire keeps buying 69 dogecoins and then Tesla Model S gets cut to $69,420. Oh look at that!!! don't miss the "420" in the price too!!!!! Another exact number of Dogecoins that were being bought by the same person.

Earlier in 2020, Musk again tweeted the following: Implying that his birthday is 69 Days after 4/20. (seriously, look it up).

Other Clues

  • The Tesla CEO previously followed only 69 accounts on Twitter.

  • When Tesla shares rose to $420 last December, Musk tweeted “the stock is so high lol.”

  • In July, Tesla sold red satin shorts for $69.420 to make fun of short sellers who bet against their stock.

Tesla launched a limited-edition short shorts costing "$69.420 in July 2020and it sold out, even temporarily crashing their website.

Tesla’s even went as far as to say: their new approach to battery technology is expected to yield a 69% reduction in capital investment per gigawatt-hour required for manufacturing.

I don't know about you, but for Elon Musk to be consistently and willfully (in a humorous way) using the numbers 69 and 420 in relation to his personal life and then directly in his business, while simultaneously a Billionaire is sending the same cryptic messages with the same quantity of dogecoins being purchased is more than a coincidence to me.

They were 420 Operational Starlink Satellites at the time of this tweet...

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